Please contact the Registrar’s Office to obtain “ATTACHMENT CUTTING FORM” and fill it out completely.

Seals and signatures are taken from the Financial Affairs and Procurement Directorate, Library Directorate, Health Sports and Culture Directorate, International Office mentioned in the attached form.

(All kinds of materials, articles, car stickers etc. belonging to our university/faculty will definitely be delivered to relevant units.)

The students are required to attend the Student Affairs Office with the approved attachment cutting form and STUDENT IDENTIFICATION.

(Students who lose their student ID cards will bring a newspaper announcement about their loss.)

After the procedures are over they can get their diplomas from the Student Affairs Office.


  1. The name list of the students whose diplomas are ready will be published on web address of
  2. Diploma can not be sent by post.
  3. Diplomas are only handed over to signatures of the graduates themselves or their authorized representatives. Otherwise, diploma delivery can not be done in any way.